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Computer Troubleshooters’ Milestones


Chip Reaves opens “CHIPTECH Computer Services” in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the next 8 years CHIPTECH will become a leader in on-site small business computer services in the Atlanta area.

1996: Coffs Harbour, Australia

Wilson & Suzanne McOrist sell their Express Bookkeeping franchise, after developing it into a successful 100+ location franchise system. From their home in Coffs Harbour, Australia, the McOrists began research & development for a new franchise to offer computer services to small businesses.

1997: The Beginning of CT
The first Computer Troubleshooters franchises open in New South Wales, Australia.

Computer Troubleshooters expands into New Zealand in March, marking our first international expansion.

In October Chip Reaves & Wilson McOrist begin talks to bring the Computer Troubleshooters concept to the USA.

1999: Expansion Begins
CT begins the year with 17 franchisees across Australia and New Zealand.

Chip Reaves & Wilson McOrist meet in Coffs Harbour, Australia to discuss bringing the Computer Troubleshooters concept to the USA.

CHIPTECH becomes the first Computer Troubleshooters franchisee in the US, and the separate company Computer Troubleshooters USA is formed to begin franchising operations in America.

The First Four CTs in the US: Chip Reaves, Rod Chirinos, Charles Edgerton, Dennis Devendorf

2000: First Global Growth
Our expansion continues with Master Franchises in Singapore, England, Canada, and Hong Kong.

2001: World’s Largest
Australian based Computer Troubleshooters now operates over 70 locations in eight countries. This marks the first time Computer Troubleshooters could properly be called the largest computer service franchise in the world – a title which has been true ever since.

Computer Troubleshooters of Manhattan opens offices in the World Trade Center in August – less than a month before the attacks on September 11. (No Computer Troubleshooters were in the building that morning).

2002: First Recognition
Computer Troubleshooters is first recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the “Top Tech Support Franchise” in the annual Franchise 500 rankings.

CT was also featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

2002 Computer Troubleshooters US Conference in Raleigh, NC
Computer Troubleshooters expands into Mexico and Kuwait.

2003: Over 200
Computer Troubleshooters expands into Portugal, South Africa, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Now operating in 12 countries with over 200 franchisees.

2004: First in VoIP
Computer Troubleshooters expands into India and Egypt. Computer Troubleshooters has expanded to 17 countries and over 400 franchises worldwide.

Computer Troubleshooters becomes the first franchise to recognize the potential for VoiP telephony systems, partnering with industry leader Fonalty.

2005: Over 400!
Computer Troubleshooters expands into Romania & Greece. Now operating in 21 countries with over 430 franchise locations!

Computer Troubleshooters launches TOPS, our web-based business management application. (Later replaced by Autotask)

2006: First in Managed Service Plans!
Computer Troubleshooters becomes the first franchise network to focus on managed services with the introduction of our industry-leading B.E.S.T. program.

To reinforce our more modern portfolio of services a new logo and slogan are introduced after significant market research:

CT also expands into Austria and Botswana in 2006.

2007: New Marketing, New Partnerships
Computer Troubleshooters introduces the first (and perhaps only) managed services program designed for home users and very small businesses with our HOST program. To better market our services a new marketing system called ENGAGE is introduced.

Expansion into Bulgaria, UAE, Bahrain., Ghana, Malaysia, Kenya brings CT into more than 20 countries.

To add management expertise for further expansion, Computer Troubleshooters partners with Merrymeeting, inc of Ohio (Parent company of Sunbelt Business Brokers, Frontier Adjusters, and several other brands).

2008: First in Cloud Computing!
Computer Troubleshooters expands into Russia, Cyprus, and Guatemala. Wilson & Suzanne McOrist retire from CT. A new entity, CT-Global LLC, owned by Merrymeeting and Chip Reaves, is introduced to manage all CT franchisor operations worldwide.

CT is also the first franchise network to build a cloud computing solution portfolio, beginning with our partnerships with 19marketplace and later Pointivity, Corebanc, and Nivio.

2009: Autotask Partnership
Recognizing the importance of using the best business management tools, Computer Troubleshooters drops development of our TOPS application and licenses industry leader Autotask instead.

CT also expands into Cote d’Ivoire.

2010: Marketing Domination
Expansion into Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and the Phillipines brings CT to 472 franchises in 28 countries.

This year we’ve launched a new SEO-optimized WordPress-based website system for all global franchise owners, and boosted our sales & marketing program by partnering with Monopolize Your Marketplace. A new web-based CRM & Email Marketing System will also be launching by the end of the year.