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How Computers have Evolved from when they were first created to the present day

Unlike other recent devices, computers didn’t appear on the scene in their current form. The first computers looked more like what printers do today. They processed very limited functions having to deal with strictly text or numbers. You could provide hundreds of early computers with their entire memory using just the hard drive space that your sound and image files occupy. The computer that lead to what we know and love today didn’t come around until the late 1970s. Even though Apple’s revolutionary Apple II was years ahead of its time, it wasn’t advanced enough to allow us to do what we do computers these days. We often take the early computers for granted because of the amount of things we can do with current computers. Without the machines that came before, we wouldn’t have what we enjoy today.

Every type of technology has to start somewhere though. As computer technology started to advance, the steps forward came faster with each new development. When we thought that computers couldn’t progress any further, Apple came out with the iPad. It’s hard to figure out what the next innovation in computing will be until it comes around. There’s always room to make computers smaller, faster and easier to use. Google recently came out with a pair of sunglasses that allow you to navigate the web in your field of vision. This technology is still very much a prototype as of the writing of this article, but it shows where the world of computing is headed. Eventually, we might see a computer that fits solely on the surface of a contact lens or as some sort of transplant into our brains.

Regardless of the directions computing takes in the future, Dell should remain a player in the world of laptop and desktop computers. They haven’t spread their wings into the world of smartphones or tablet computers yet. It’s only a matter of time before they bring their fast, reliable products into those industries as well. While people are still using laptops and desktop computers, it’s hard to find a brand that will give you the best computer for the money you spent. You may think Dell PCs run you a little more than the average computer in terms of price but they actually have reasonably priced computers and the amount of Dell laptop deals floating around the internet at any given time can get you steal. You won’t regret purchasing a Dell computer regardless of the amount of money you spend on it.

As computers become more popular and affordable, the amount of people who don’t have them will decrease dramatically. You have to know how to use a computer to a reasonable extent these days to thrive in your career. Banking and other tasks we would have been able to do offline in earlier eras have become so convenient thanks to the internet that it’s foolish not to do them on a computer. Our society needs computers to evolve to maintain the progression we’re experience as a result of our evolution.

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Franchisee’s Choice Award for the second year in a row!

Computer Troubleshooters Canada is proud to announce we have been awarded the 2012 Franchisees’ Choice Designee, presented by the Canadian Franchise Association. This award is very special to us as it recognizes the incredible relationship we have with our franchisees. Thank you to all our franchisees who made this possible!

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Computer Troubleshooters on Facebook

Have you checked us out on Facebook?

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Picking an unbreakable password-Part 1

The Password Is …
Passwords are your keys to accessing electronically stored information. In many cases you may not notice until it is too late that important details, regarding your identity or your business, have been used. It is critical to create ‘strong’ passwords and keep them well protected, whilst also being able to remember them.

A strong password is one that appears complex and would be difficult to guess. To achieve this:

Make it lengthy – Each character that you add increases the amount of tries needed to correctly guess the password. Your passwords should be at least 8 or more characters in length and can contain multiple words and sometimes spaces.

Add letters, numbers, and symbols – A greater variety of characters makes your password harder to guess. Punctuation symbols are very valuable for password strength, including those not found on the upper row of the keyboard (e.g. ? { { ] ).

Include words that are easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess – The name of your first pet or your mother’s maiden name is easy to remember because it is meaningful to you, but not easy for others to guess.

Avoid sequences or repeated characters – “12345678,” “222222,” “abcdefg,” or adjacent letters on your keyboard are common combinations that hackers will try.

Avoid your name – Any part of your name, birthday or similar information should be avoided, especially if it is displayed on common identification cards which can be lost or stolen (e.g. your driver’s license).

Avoid using only a single dictionary word – Hackers use sophisticated computer software that will attempt to guess passwords using multiple language dictionaries, including words spelled backwards, common misspellings, and substitutions.

Use more than one password – If any one of the computers or systems using a password is compromised, all of your other information

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Welcome to 2 new Computer Troubleshooters!

Welcome to 2 new franchisees! Andrey in Saskatoon and Victor in Toronto-King West!

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Computer Troubleshooters wins TWO awards!

Every year the Canadian Franchise Association surveys their members regarding their franchisor.
We are happy to announce that Computer Troubleshooters has been presented with TWO awards!
The Award of Excellence 2011-Bronze in recognition of excellence in franchisor/franchisee relationships in the category of Non-Traditional/New Emerging Franchisees .
The Franchisees’Choice Award 2011 in recognition of achieving high satisfaction scores from our franchisees.

We are very proud to be recognized for good relationships with our franchisees. We work hard to make sure the franchisees are being supported and our franchisees work hard to make the franchise the success that it is.

With our newest franchises up and running in Edmonton-Northlands, Calgary-Northwest and Sasaktoon and our next New Franchise training scheduled for September we are looking forward to a great summer!

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2 New Computer Troubleshooters in Alberta!

Welcome to our newest Computer Troubleshooters! Marshall Dilts in Edmonton Northlands and Randy Clark in Calgary NW.

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CT partners with Anti-Malware firm

Computer Troubleshooters has partnered with SuperAntiSpyware, an industry-leading provider of anti-spyware & anti-virus tools.  Effective May 1 all Computer Troubleshooters around the world will have access to SuperAntiSpyware, technician-edition, as part of their CT toolkit.  For the full press release, click here

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CT on ABC News

Computer Troubleshooters CEO Chip Reaves was featured on ABC News this week in a segment about malware threats via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).  You can see a copy of the clip here.

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CT in Franchise Entrepreneur magazine

This month our own Joe Maina (owner of CT-Coquitlam in Canada) was featured in Franchise Entrepreneur. You can find the article online here.

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CT featured in WebWorkerDaily

WebWorkerDaily interviewed CEO Chip Reaves about the emerging threat from social media malware – you can read the complete article here.

CT has also been featured in several other publications lately, like this article from

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CT Canada featured in national news

Chris Aconley, national director of Computer Troubleshooters Canada, was interviewed for an article about the Conficker worm, which was broadcast on national television throughout Canada on March 31.  A link to the segment can be found here:

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More Romanian Publicity

Computer Troubleshooters Romania continues to be featured in local press.
Computer Troubleshooters Romania is on a roll, with more publicity about our franchise network in Romania.  Read all about it on their news page (in Romanian):
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CT ad in Entrepreneur

CT featured in full-page advertorial in Entrepreneur magazine.
December’s Entrepreneur magazine features a full-page advertorial from Computer Troubleshooters.  In the ad a small business in Georgia is interviewed about how Computer Troubleshooter’s B.E.S.T. managed services plan benefits their business, including improving their productivity, reducing their expenses, and facilitating an expansion of their operations.
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Franchise 50 Award

Computer Troubleshooers honored with franchisee satisfaction award!

Computer Troubleshooters is proud to have been honored again by Franchise Business Review in their 2nd annual Franchise 50 ranking.  The Franchise 50 is unique in the industry in that it’s based entirely on the satisfaction of franchisees within a given system.  Computer Troubleshooters was ranked #20 overall and the top technology franchise.

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Six new Troubleshooters join in October!

Six new Troubleshooters from the states of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Washington, and Tennessee.  Included in the six are three existing Computer Service businesses who found compelling advantages in joining the world’s largest technology service franchise.

Welcome Aboard to:

  • Emmanuel Achu, Georgia
  • Clayton Crooks, Tennessee
  • Gary Weyman, Washington
  • David Geldbart, Florida
  • Tre Parks, Maryland
  • Jay Burgess, Colorado
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New CT Blog!

Check it out at

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Ireland RD interviewed

Our Irish Regional Director’s interview with
Recently interviewed our Irish Regional Director. You can see the video of the interview here:
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CT ranked by Entrepreneur

CT recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine!

The 2008 “Franchise 500″ rankings from Entrepreneur magazine are out, and Computer Troubleshooters is ranked #251 overall and is once again the top tech support franchise ranked by Entrepreneur.  This is the 7th consecutive year CT has been recognized in the prestigious Franchise 500 rankings.

See for more information,including our additional rankings.

See for our official press release.

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CT interview on Entrepreneurial Insights radio

During Thanksgiving week Computer Troubleshooters CEO Chip Reaves was interviewed on the Voice America business radio network.  The Entrepreneurial Insights show recording is available here.

Sunbelt Business Brokers presents Entrepreneurial Insights, a weekly excursion into the world of business ownership, divestitures & acquisitions. Over the past 30 years, Sunbelt Business Brokers has helped business owners worldwide address the myriad of issues that attend ownership transition. Combining Sunbelt’s broad business expertise with that of industry specialists, Entrepreneurial Insights examines critical issues that impact existing and prospective business owners in preparing, selling or buying a business. Each week, we will highlight businesses in a particular industry, providing you with in-depth insight into the opportunities and challenges of operating a business within a specific industry category. Whether you own, or want to own, a small business, we will help you identify and evaluate key performance measures and industry trends so your business can operate more effectively. Entrepreneurial Insights airs live Fridays at 11 AM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Business.

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CT mentioned on MSPMentor

Computer Troubleshooter’s partnership with NTR Global for a shared remote support (and lead generation) platform was featured on MSPMentor’s website today. You can find the blog post here.

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CT featured in PC World magazine

Computer Troubleshooters will be featured in the January issue of PC World magazine. The article is about how a CT in Vancouver transformed a car dealership client with one of our advanced virtualization solutions, saving them money AND improving their operations all at the same time.  You can find the article online here.

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Computer Troubleshooter’s Social Media advice in the news

Computer Troubleshooter’s article on social media protection has been picked up by several news outlets – see it here.

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CT Partners with Fonality

Computer Troubleshooters this week announced a global Preferred Vendor partnership with Fonality, the leader in small business IP-based telephone PBX solutions.  Computer Troubleshooters has been working with Fonality since 2004, and the new partnership will ensure that all CT locations have the training and support they need to sell and support Fonality’s premises-based and cloud-hosted VoIP solutions.

The press release about the new partnership can be found here.

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New BEST video!

Find out why small businesses LOVE our B.E.S.T. managed services plan: check out our new BEST sales video on YouTube here.

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